Saturday, August 01, 1987

About TSCS Staff

If you didn't notice it before, you might want to check out the disclaimer in the header. This site is NOT affiliated with Sidney Crosby, The Pittsburgh Penguins, or The National Hockey League in any way.

The Sidney Crosby Show was founded by hockey blogger Jes Golbez in 2005, when Sidney began his NHL career. In June 2007, Jes asked me - a total n00b at the time when it came to blogging - to come aboard and help him out because his schedule was getting too full to keep up with all the Sidney news. (Plus, it helps that I'm a whole lot closer to Pittsburgh than he is, so I actually get more local news about Sid. Also, I get to go to a few Pens games every season, so I can get a few exclusive pictures every once in a while!)

To learn a little more about who we are, check out our Blogger profiles:

The primary writer for TSCS: Jodie (snoopyjode)

TSCS founder: Jes

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