Thursday, August 06, 1987

The Best of The Show

This page contains some of the best, most popular, or most talked about posts that we've featured here on TSCS. I will be updating this page as necessary. Enjoy!

Special Game Coverage (click image for related posts):


Crosby v Ference: Sidney Crosby's First NHL Fight

The Mellon Arena - Photos and a brief history of the Igloo

Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame - The Sidney Crosby Exhibit - A photographic tour of the exhibit

Sidney Crosby Injury Monitor - All posts related to Sidney's 2008 high ankle sprain

A TSCS Summer Project (2008)

Sid's most talked about photo shoots

Sid signs his contract extensionStalking Sidney - A "fan" videotapes his attempt to reach Sidney at his parents' home in Nova Scotia

Jealousy Is An Ugly, UGLY Thing

The Hockey News Interview

Pens v Stars (W 4-1) (Recap/eyewitness account of the game)

Hockey for the Holidays - A Crosby Christmas (2007)

About That Sport Chek Incident...

Fan Photos - Photos from Friends of The Show

Pens v Flyers (W 4-2) pt. 1, Pens v Flyers (W 4-2) pt. 2 (Recap/eyewitness account of the game)

Sid v Geno (An Editorial of Sorts)

Evgeni Malkin's Nickname


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