Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A TSCS Summer Project

I will declare today a Rumor Free Zone since some of you requested a day of respite from all the recent speculation. I promise that just for today, I'll only post an update if a player actually signs a contract. Instead, I want to talk about the summer project I mentioned yesterday. The idea for this project came to me from two ideas I received from several Friends of The Show.

The original idea was one that grew in the Game 6 recap's comments section. We all wanted to express our thanks to the Pens for a fantastic season, but I think in those hours following the loss, none of us were really thinking about how quickly the Boys of Winter would be heading back to their homes for the summer. We didn't have much time to get anything together, so that idea quickly lost steam.

Since this was my first season as a hockey blogger, I still want to use this public forum to express my thanks to the Pens for making it memorable, but sending thanks to them for just one season seems somewhat inadequate - especially since the Penguins organization has given me so much over the past 11 years.

So then I got an email from across the pond from Friend of The Show Dave D. He had this fantastic idea:
Just wanted to throw an idea to you guys. I got it from looking at the map you added last week with all TSCS fans from around the world. Just thought it would be a cool idea if we all sent in pics of us in our Crosby / Penguins gear holding our national flags.

[It] would be great to see all the nations together showing the love and support of Sidney Crosby and of course you guys at TSCS.
How awesome is that idea?! I thought I should expand on Dave's idea just a tad to make sure everyone could be included: It doesn't have to be a picture of you in the Pens gear. All that I want to see is your country's flag with whatever you have to support the Pens. It can be you in a Pens jersey waving a huge flag, or it can be a miniature flag hanging next to a Sidney or Mario poster on your wall.

Add your country's colors to this picture and you've got yourself an entry.

Just be creative and have some fun with it! I'm pretty sure we'll get a lot of pictures of the US and Canadian flags, but they'll all be different so it'll be okay. (You know, you could use a state flag, if you have one.) I'll take your submissions until Saturday July 12th. That should be plenty of time to think of a unique way to get a picture that shows your pride in your country and in your Penguins. (
Perhaps some of us Yankees can get a great picture at our Independence Day celebrations!)

LATE EDIT 1: Friend of The Show Mer R. pointed out that our Northern Friends can use provincial flags. :)

After it's all said and done and the resulting post is complete, we could use the comments section of that post to express our thanks to the Pens for everything they have given to us fans over the years. Everyone should feel free to let me know what you think of TSCS Summer Project in the comments section below. We've got lots of time to tweak the idea if you guys have improvements.
FYI: I'm going to try to think of a way I can get my three dogs in on the action for my photo... :)

LATE EDIT 2: Read the comments below and you'll understand why Friend of The Show Stephanie S. created this:

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