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TSCS Nickname Glossary

This post was updated with a HUGE amount of help from Friend of The Show AustinLovesCrosby. :)

The first nickname you should know about is the one I've given my husband. Since mine is snoopyjode, his is woodstock.

Player NameNicknameExplanation (if applicable)
Sidney CrosbyThe Saint
Sid the Kid
The Saint is explained here.

Siddo = Kiddo, which came from the mind of Friend of The Show Pensgirl.

Bing is what the guys at ThePensblog.com call him.

Darryl is his juniors nickname; he earned it after a Rimouski Oceanic game in which he tallied eight points. His teammates nicknamed him Darryl after Darryl Sittler, who once registered 10 points in an NHL game - a record that still stands. Sid still has "Darryl" written on the inside of his gloves as inspiration in hopes of someday breaking Sittler's record.
Head Coach Dan BylsmaDapper DanIt comes from Dapper Dan Charities, which honors Pittsburgh sports heroes at events that support the Dapper Dan Youth Leagues at the Boys and Girls Clubs
Matt CookeCookie
Cookie Monster
woodstock and his friends think Cookie is too effeminate, so they call him Cooker instead.
Pascal DupuisDups
Super Duper

Ruslan FedotenkoTank
Raggedy Ruslan
Tank and Rusty are pretty self-explanatory.

Raggedy Ruslan is something I came up with because he reminds me of Raggedy Andy because of his ridiculously pink cheeks.
Eric GodardGod of Thunder
Where else could these possibly come from but Paul Steigerwald?
Tyler KennedyTK
Mr. President
TK is what the rest of the Boys call him, and I think Teddy came from the guys over at ThePensblog.com.

In keeping with the political theme, the folks over at Puck Huffers call him Mr. President.
Chris KunitzHedgehog
Not sure if this one will carry over - Hedgehog stems from a bad haircut he got a while back.

Nitzy is what Friend of The Show Sid Vicious calls him.

Kuni is what Siddo called him in a postgame interview.
Evgeni MalkinGenoEvgeni = Russian equivalent of Eugene
Marc-Andre FleuryFlowerFleur = French for flower
Jordan StaalGronk
The Boys call him Gronk after this comic book character because of his large frame.
Petr SykoraSyko
Petr Gunn
Petr Gunn is another one from Steigy.
Maxime TalbotMad Max
Not that this should surprise you, but both nicknames are ones that Max bestowed upon himself.
Michael ZigomanisZiggy
Mark EatonEaton ParkThis is derived from the name of a Pittsburgh based restaurant called Eat n’ Park. That place holds a special place in my heart since I met my husband at the Altoona location. :)
Sergei GoncharGonch

Kris LetangTanger
LeGame originated over at ThePensblog.com in honor of Letang's mad shootout skills.
Alex GoligoskiGogo
Brooks OprikBrooksie
Free Candy
Free Candy is yet another one from ThePensblog.com. (They're a riot over there!)
Rob ScuderiScuds
Craig AdamsThe Wild Man of Borneo
From The Pittsburgh Post Gazette: "It has a lot more to do with geography than demeanor or intelligence. Adams was born in the Sultanate of Brunei on the island of Borneo to parents who moved a lot for business, but he was raised in Calgary and has Canadian citizenship." (Thanks to Friend of The Show Molly M. for the tip!)
Paul Steigerwald
(FSN Pittsburgh play-by-play announcer)
Bob Errey
(FSN Pittsburgh color analyst)
The Bibster

Listed below is a table of nicknames for players of other teams. I trust you will understand why these nicknames came to be:

Player NameTeamNicknameExplanation (if applicable)
Sean AveryNew York RangersIFHSA™An acronym that stands for "I F@#&^* Hate Sean Avery!" coined by Friend of The Show Bobby T.
Alex OvechkinWashington CapitalsA-hOle™
Ahem, I think the first one is more than self-explanatory...

The second one was inspired by an article that rightfully referred to him as a "Diva."

These gems both came from Friend of The Show Bill.

Many, MANY THANK YOUS to AustinLovesCrosby for all of her help getting this page back up. I couldn't have done it without her. :) Thanks also go out to Friends Pensgirl, Sid Vicious, Bobby, and Bill for coming up with some of these nicknames.

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