Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MyP2P Instructions To Watch Pens Games

WOW. It boggles my mind how many great Friends we have. You guys seriously are the best! You are always willing to help out - whether it's sharing links to Sid news, finding videos when I ask for them, sending in pictures you find or ones you've taken, and now, we get this: Friend of The Show Michelle S. (who is now TSCS First Star for the month of March) took the time out of her day to write up instructions complete with pictures detailing how to use the MyP2P site I provided yesterday to watch Pens games. Now, because of Michelle, you should be able to watch Sid's second game back tomorrow night! Without further ado:

How to Get Videos to Work on
Download and install VLC Media Player
Download and install SopCast player
(You may need to Register at one, or both of these sites: SopCast and MyP2P. I’m registered at both and am not sure if you need to be or not.)

Open SopCast player and click Option at the bottom (see red circle below):

Go to the section titled ‘Choose External Player’ (see red circle below):

Check ‘Use my own media player’ option. Click ‘Select’ button and look for VLC Media Player. Generally this will be found in C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe if installed in the default directory. Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

GO HERE to find your game. Click on the game you want to see (the TV with the arrow to the right of the team names). For a SopCast feed, hover your mouse over the ‘Play’ link and take note of the url at the bottom left of your internet page (see red circle below):
(Click to enlarge.)

Take note of the number at the end of the url, this is your channel address (it is underlined in gold above). Type this number into the Address line in your SopCast Player (see red circle below) and hit ‘Enter’:

Number entered:

This will open up the Player window. When the Buffering number (green bar with number) gets above 50% click the double square, two icons left of the ‘Pause’ button (see red circle below):

This will open up the VLC media player and you should be able to see the game!

You will need to keep the SopCast player open but you can minimize it. The next time the external media player will already be VLC so you will just need to open SopCast and go to the site to find the channel address and enter it in the Address line and click the double-square once it’s over 50% buffer.
Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Michelle!!! I'm sure you've just made everyone's day. Now everyone can watch tomorrow's game when the Pens take on the Panthers at 7:00pm Eastern!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!


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