Wednesday, August 05, 1987


Friends of The Show Cassie C. and Mer R. each sent me similar ideas. They thought it would be cool if we could see where we're all located. I found a map that we can all add our markers to at Click on the markers to learn a little bit about all the Friends, then you can add your own!

Don't worry about it tracking you by your IP address - I picked this one because it only adds the information that YOU choose to include. You can find specific Friends' entries by clicking the bar on the right with the double chevrons on the top. A list of everyone who has left a mark on the map will pop out.

Make sure to add your mark - even if you want to do it anonymously! Just click the Add button in the middle of the second row of buttons in the upper right corner to get started.

Thanks to Cass and Mer for the great idea, and thanks to all the Friends who have added (or will add) their marks!!! :)


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