Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stalking Sidney

by snoopyjode

I try to make it a policy never to mock fans for their sometimes bizarre declarations of love for their heroes, because I myself know what it's like to be so in awe of a man's talent that I write articles about him almost daily. HOWEVER, when I found this video on YouTube while I was desperately searching for something to write about, I changed my mind. Before you start thinking I'm a jerk,
watch this video (the person who posted the video disabled the embedding feature so I can't post the video here, and make sure you watch it with sound on) and then come back for the discussion. Go ahead - I'll wait...

...Are you back? Okay, WOW.
Can you believe the stones on those guys? I will admit that maybe if I have to make non-Penguins-Game trips to Pittsburgh that I might pack my #87 jersey in my briefcase for the slight chance that I might see Sidney somewhere out in public while I'm there. That's just planning ahead. But driving to a complete stranger's home, knocking on the door, and asking for something is beyond creepy. I know where Mario Lemieux lives, but you don't see me driving there, and anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a HUGE Sid fan who is married to a H-U-G-E Mario fan.

It's unbelievable to me that some people think that because they see someone on TV that they 1. know him personally or 2. are entitled to take things or get autographs from him at any time or any location because the money they spend on tickets and merchandise essentially pays his salary. If you feel that way, too, then try telling a cop that your taxes pay his salary the next time you get pulled over and see what that gets you.

You stay classy, YouTube guys. And by the way, what are you going to do with a picture of a license plate? You can't prove it is Sidney's car that you photographed. (Maybe it was the gardener's car.) And besides, that's lame anyways. I don't want to see pictures of a license plate that is alleged to belong to Sidney Crosby. I want to see pictures of Sid. I don't blame Sidney one bit for not signing an autograph for you. His home is private and you didn't belong there. Sid, if you're reading this I only have two words for you: RESTRAINING ORDER.

Apparently Sid's going to have to look over his shoulder more often...

On a much lighter and wholly unrelated note, Crosby Show readers Cassie C. and Mike H. (who writes to me from JAPAN!!) have pointed out that the Penguins may have a confusing but hilarious issue with one of their new additions that directly relates to St. Sid. Veteran defenseman and new Penguin Darryl Sydor (pronounced sid-OR) has a rather predictable nickname: Syd. As was discussed earlier, Sidney's nickname is Darryl. I'm going to show my age here, but it makes me think that would be like Newhart's Larry, Darryl, and Darryl or (from my grandparents' days) the Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" skit!!!

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