Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You Read It Here First

"Don't ever change, Sidney!"

Nope, it's not a quote from a classmate's signature in his high school yearbook. It's what
Philip Croucher from Halifax's The Daily News implores of Sid. Much like many of my previous posts, Mr. Croucher writes that Sid is a classy guy. And, as I also pointed out, Sid could have used his massive star power and "mad skillz" to command top dollar, or move to a different team that would give him literally anything he wanted, but he didn't. Actually, the article pretty much says exactly what I've said here (almost verbatim!), so I won't bore you by restating what I've already said here at The Sidney Crosby Show for the past week. Really, the only difference between Mr. Croucher's article and mine is that there's a good chance Sidney, his family, or his friends might actually read The Daily News. (Ha ha!)

He didn't win the Dapper Dan award for nothing!

AND DON'T FORGET: THERE IS STILL TIME, but you've only got until tomorrow evening (July 19) to submit your nickname suggestions! I'll post the nickname poll sometime on Friday, July 20. Then, you'll get an entire week to vote for your favorite choice. I know I keep saying this, but thanks again to all of you who have submitted your suggestions! I couldn't do this without you! :)

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