Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FIVE MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS (I've always wanted to say that):

Sidney has signed with the Penguins for $45 million for the 5 more years!!! That means Pens fans get to watch Sid work his magic for at least 6 more years!!! Details of his contract can be found in this article by Rob Rossi from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

With an average annual salary of $9 million, Crosby stayed true to his word and did not command top available dollar from the Penguins. Under the collective bargaining agreement Crosby could have earned 20 percent of the $50.3 million salary cap, or $10,060,000 per season.


His new deal will make him among the highest-paid players in the NHL and is one of the richest in club history.

To those people who think the new contract is too expensive, I have but this to say: The best player in the NHL is one of the highest-paid players? It certainly makes sense to me. But even though it is without a doubt a lucrative deal for the Wizard of Croz, he still COULD have used his status as leverage to extract every cent he possibly could from the Penguins (because, as stated in previous posts, you KNOW that Ray Shero isn't going to let Sid get away). But instead, he chose to accept a deal that will help Shero be able to afford to keep some of the other young Pens stars in the future. Wow.

Sid is staying in Pittsburgh!!!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!" ~ M.L.

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