Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh No, Please, NOT AGAIN!!!

Okay, folks, I don't want to overreact here, but Mark Belko filed this report with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and it has me a little nervous:

If the state Legislature recesses for the summer without approving a bill critical to funding a new arena, the entire project could be in jeopardy, Gov. Ed Rendell and the Penguins said today.

"The money is there but the Penguins have said that if the bill isn't passed in this session it may delay construction for a year and that might put the deal in jeopardy," said Chuck Ardo, Mr. Rendell's spokesman.


In response to the statements, Penguins President David Morehouse said, "If this legislative session ends without arena funding in place the entire funding structure for the arena and the arena project would be in jeopardy."

WHAT?! Please, SAY IT AIN'T SO! Okay, okay. I need to calm down for a second. [*Breathes Deeply*]

Is the new arena in jeopardy?

All right. Now that I've settled down, I know exactly what's going on here: Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell (henceforth known here as "Fast Eddie") is grandstanding and using the Pittsburgh Penguins fans to create the public pressure he needs in order to get what he wants from Harrisburg. This isn't the least bit surprising. Anyone who lives in PA is used to Fast Eddie. He's a blowhard and we all know it.

What REALLY shocks and bothers me is that the Penguins' officials are helping him do it. After what we went through this year, they know we don't take this kind of talk lightly. By releasing statements like this, they know it will cause an extreme reaction from the fans. They know that we'll write, call, and email our politicians, imploring them to side with Fast Eddie so we can get our arena and keep our beloved Pens. They also know public pressure will force the state legislature to vote for Fast Eddie's version of the budget, so they too are using us to create some noise.

This kind of political bullshit is completely wrong and unfair to us fans. I know the Pens got a new arena deal, but I didn't know they sold their souls to get it. Instead of using public opinion to try to get his way, Fast Eddie SHOULD be in his office negotiating with state senators to come up with a plan that works for everyone.

And, even though I got indigestion from reading that article, I doubt Sid should start packing his bags just yet. In fact, my bet is that there isn't a serious threat to the new arena deal. But be sure to stay tuned; I'm sure the drama is just getting started...

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