Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One More Reason ESPN Sucks

I don't know exactly when the nominees for this year's ESPY Awards were announced, but I just learned of this unbelievable snub just this morning:

Just take a wild guess who DIDN'T make the list of nominees for Best Male Athlete... Yeah, I am stunned right now. Can someone out there please tell me how you can win the awards for league MVP and top point scorer of the NHL, be voted the most outstanding player by your peers, and be named the youngest captain in NHL history - all in one season - yet NOT be a consideration for male athlete of the year?!

"I'm not nominated for Athlete of the Year?! Come ON!!!"

I'm not saying Sidney would be a shoo-in to win athlete of the year; I don't know enough about any of the other nominees to make that claim. All I'm saying is I don't understand how he wasn't even a nominee, considering all he's achieved this season. It is a slap in the face for the all of hockey. We all know the brass at ESPN and the brass at the NHL don't exactly love each other, but for the ESPY Select Nominating Committee to snub an athlete as deserving as Sid is outrageous. Would ESPN do this to an athlete from the NBA, NFL, or MLB if circumstances were similar? Doubtful.

All is not lost, though. Sidney does make an appearance as a nominee for Best NHL Player. (Imagine that!) You can vote for him at to at least help make sure they get this particular award right. Just scroll down to find the NHL award - there are no other hockey nominees in any other categories.

And since I'm complaining about the lack of any real NHL presence on the list ESPY nominees, I've got one more issue. I can't believe the moment when Mario stepped out onto the ice at the Mellon Arena on March 13, 2007 and announced to the world that our Penguins would remain OUR Penguins didn't get a nomination for Best Sports Moment. For me, that wasn't just the best sports moment of the year, that was the best sports moment of the decade.

Thanks again, Mario!!! You truly are Le Magnifique.

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