Friday, June 22, 2007

I Wonder What He Wished For...

Ugh!!! There hasn't been much Sidney news in the days since the NHL awards. I suppose I could ramble on editorial-style like Jonathan Kay of the National Post...
Until now, he was been known by the nicknames Sid the Kid and The Next One, references to his youth — Sidney Crosby is still only 19 — and to the expectation that he will be the next Wayne Gretzky, the next Great One. Yet after Thursday’s NHL award ceremonies, Crosby can no longer be considered a kid, and the “next” is now.

At a ceremony in Toronto, Crosby captured the league’s Triple Crown for forwards — the Hart Trophy for MVP, the Art Ross Trophy for leading scorer and the Lester Pearson award for best player as chosen by his peers. Crosby is already the best player in his sport. The only question now is how far can he go? How many of Gretzky’s more than 90 individual records will he surpass?
*Yawn* ...but I'd rather not repeat what's been said more than a million times already. So for today's post, I submit to you a video I found that shows Sid and Alexander Ovechkin presenting a cake to Brendan Shanahan for his 38th birthday, which coincided with this year's All Star Games in Dallas:

Lighting the candles with a BLOWTORCH?! Fantastic. I just love it that both Sid and Alex look like star struck kids when they give that cake to Shanahan! With how talented and famous these guys are, it's easy to forget how young they really are and that their now-coworkers are guys they idolized while they were growing up. I've got a couple more of these gems that I found (thank God for YouTube), so look for them in the coming days. Hopefully, I won't be using repeats from earlier posts, but even if I do - it's the offseason. What else are we going to do, right?

Remember, if you find an interesting clip of Sid on YouTube or if you see any news about what Sid's been up to during the offseason, feel free to send it my way: Thanks! ~ Jodie

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