Sunday, June 03, 2007

Crosby Receives his Art Ross

The NHL decided to showcase its biggest stars when it awarded the Art Ross trophy to Sidney Crosby and other awards to the stats leaders during the leadup to Game Three.

What a week for Sid the Kid.

First, Sidney Crosby was chosen Pittsburgh Penguins captain. Then he got to meet members of the Montreal Canadiens' teams that won five straight Stanley Cup titles in the 1950s. And on Saturday, former Canadiens star Henri Richard presented Crosby with the Art Ross Trophy for leading the NHL in scoring with 120 points.

As nice as the award was, Crosby was struck by meeting the Montreal greats, especially considering he grew up rooting for the Canadiens.

"Here I am talking about trying to win one Stanley Cup, and those guys have 10 or 11," Crosby said. "It doesn't seem fair."

The NHL presented three other awards during a luncheon held before Game 3 of the Cup finals.

This is nice, but we know Sidney really wants the MVP and, more importantly, the Stanley Cup.

Just consider this another stepping stone.

And, great move by the NHL to make this a special occassion.

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