Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sidney Crosby: Medical Director?

Oh, the weird things you can find while searching for the latest Sidney Crosby news.

Apparently, this fellow (pictured), is a d00d named Sidney Crosby, and was recently named Medical director of some American district. As amazing as the 'real' Sidney is, he doesn't have time for boring medical administration.

Caring Angels Hospice, Inc. is pleased to announce a new Medical Director for the Clarke, Washington and parts of Choctaw County area, Dr. Sidney Crosby of Jackson. Dr. Crosby graduated in 1981 from the University of Mississippi for Medicine and the University of Alabama in Huntsville - Family Practirc. Dr. Crosby resides just north of Jackson with his wife Kay and daughters, Abby 10 and Kelli 8. They also have four other children - Caleb 27, Rainey 25, Mindy 23 and Seth 20.
*yawn*. 6 kids? Sidney's scored far more than that during his career.

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