Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Has Sidney Learned This Post-Season?

The Penguins certainly got schooled by the Ottawa Senators, and Sidney Crosby was no exception.

While The Cros was great against the Senators, he still has lots to learn and higher height to climb to

From Wayne Scanlan:
For the longest time, Sidney Crosby stayed in his equipment, staring into space, sitting at a stall used by Wayne Gretzky after his final NHL game in Canada.

The difference is, this Kid will be back. Again and again.

Crosby's first dance in a Stanley Cup playoff ended with a stern lesson at the hands of the Ottawa Senators, who eliminated Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins at the first opportunity.

Men will do that to boys.

"There's a lot to learn from this," said Crosby, 19, one of 16 Penguins in their initial NHL postseason.

Cheer up, Sid the Kid.

If anyone in black and white could hold his head high at the end of the night, it was you, in the first of many playoff experiences. You'll be back, with more help next time.

Crosby gave all he had, and what he has, of course, is considerable. But he couldn't do it alone, especially when the Senators draped themselves over him at every opportunity.

And, hopefully, Evgeni Malkin and the others will learn a lot from this as well.

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