Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sidney's Got the Eye of the Tiger

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So, what do you see when you look into Sidney Crosby's eyes?

Some people see Maurice Richard, apparently ...
When it comes to determining Sidney Crosby's "tell" for big-game readiness, the eyes have it.

"People have often talked about the look in Maurice Richard's eyes back when he played, and that's what I've seen in Sidney," said his agent, Pat Brisson.

He's going to respond the way he did at the Memorial Cup and two world junior championships," said former NHL coach Pierre McGuire, an analyst for NBC. "The first year he played in the world juniors, he was solid but the team lost. The next year he was unbelievable. You could see the dogged determination he brought into the gold medal game."

McGuire remembered sitting with Wayne Gretzky watching Crosby practice. "And Gretzky said, 'Look how intense he is. Look how focused he is,' " McGuire recalled. "When a player has that, it doesn't change. They have championship spirit, championship vision, championship work ethic. So they aren't intimidated by the moment."

Brisson understood Crosby's molten intensity after he watched Crosby's Canada team lose 4-3 to the USA for the 2004 world juniors title. "I saw his eyes coming out of the locker room, and those eyes were telling me he hates to lose," Brisson said. "Those eyes told me, 'Next year we are going to win this thing,' and next year he did win it."
Well, no matter how intense Crosby might look, I don't think he can make up for the suckiness of his teammates...

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