Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sean Avery = Jealous of Sidney Crosby

Well, look at what we have here... Sean Avery is whining, yet again.

Unlike a few of Sean Avery's closest adversaries, the Rangers' unofficial spokesperson refuses to blame an injury on why he wasn't up to speed in the series against Buffalo.

“I think that’s just something you battle through,” Avery said. “Those (excuses) are for guys like Sidney (Crosby) and guys that have to keep themselves in the media, saying they weren’t hurt or they were hurt.

Oh, the irony, it's too painful, stop. Avery played with an injured left wrist, which may need surgery in the offseason.

“I love when guys are done and say they were hurt or they had the flu. Roberto Luongo he had the flu now? It’s a big mystery why he was late for overtime. It’s fine. You battle through things.”

Unlike LA or Detroit, Avery feels like he has found his niche in New York, and wants to remain a Blueshirt.

“I feel like I finally found a home and somewhere where maybe I fit in,” Avery said.
Hmm, did Roberto Luongo ever complain about the flu or anything? No! He just went out and stopped the puck like he always does.

Crosby didn't whine about an injury, and it became known only after the series was done. This was a team/media thing, not a Crosby thing.

Sean Avery: the NHL's jealous whiner.

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