Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007-2008 Schedule

Can you FEEL it?!! It's almost time! The first game of next season is on October 5, 2007! I can hardly wait. If you haven't heard, the Penguins released the schedule for the 2007-2008 season. And everyone knows this means the PROMOTIONAL SCHEDULE is out, too! You know I don't go to Mellon Arena for the hockey games; I go for the free stuff... I'm kidding!!!

But you have to admit, sometimes that free stuff really is AWESOME! Last season I got a Sidney Crosby collectible coin, an Evgeni Malkin bobblehead doll, a "Let's Go Pens" Stanley Cup playoff towel, and - wait for it - a free Pittsburgh newspaper. Yeah, that's right - on Fan Appreciation night on April 15, the night that John Barbero announced that "every fan's a winner!" I won a stupid newspaper. And that wasn't the only crappy thing about that night for me, either. You can read that story here, if you're interested, but this is The Sidney Crosby Show, so back to the matter at hand...

73 more days!!!

The upcoming season's promotions include some pretty cool stuff! (I'm going to do my damnedest to get tickets to the Oct. 06 game, myself. And how pissed was I that only little kids can get the Penguins Mr. Potato Head?!) Here's the entire list:

Oct. 06 - Trib Total Media Captain's Patch
Oct. 10 - Highmark Penguins Baseball Cap
Oct. 17 - Trib Total Media Schedule Mouse Pad
Oct. 19 - Highmark Penguins Team Calendar
Oct. 27 - *Highmark Penguins Youth Tote Bag
Nov. 12 - Sidney Crosby Bobblehead
Nov. 15 - Penguins Poster #1
Nov. 21 - Trib Total Media Rally Towels
Dec. 03 - Verizon Wireless Mark Recchi '500 Goals' Bobblehead
Dec. 23 - *Highmark Sidney Crosby Growth Chart
Jan. 14 - Penguins Ski Cap
Jan. 21 - Penguins Poster #2
Feb. 07 - Evgeni Malkin Bobblehead
Feb. 19 - Jordan Staal Bobblehead
Mar. 02 - *Penguins Mr. Potato Head
Mar. 12 - Penguins Poster #3
Apr. 02 - Fan Appreciation Night

Late Edit: The promos with asterisks beside them are for fans 14 and under only.

And finally, for the past couple of days, there have been photos surfacing on the web that are purported to be photos of the Penguins' new jerseys. (For anyone who is unaware, the entire NHL is adopting new jerseys for the coming season. They will be made by Reebok. The new jerseys will be designed like the ones worn at the All Star Games.) So anyways, the Penguins organization has been contacting websites and requesting that the pics be removed, which makes me think they're probably the real thing. As of 7:00pm on 07-24-07, you can still take a peek at them here on this post over at Empty Netters.

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