Friday, July 27, 2007

Fantasy Man

by snoopyjode

That's an attention grabber, now, eh? (
Settle down, ladies, because it's not what you think.) This offseason is moving slower than John LeClair. There are just over 2 months to go before we'll have so much to talk about that Jes and I won't be able to keep up. In the meantime, there's nothing else to do, so I'll tell you about this piece by John Harris of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. In it Harris says that Sid fulfills the sports fan's fantasy because he's willing to make sacrifices for the good of his team ($2 million sacrifices!), he's got an impeccable work ethic, and he's polite and humble. (Well, at least he's polite OFF the ice, right?) Ever since Sid inked his new deal, it's evident that his main motivation was the fact that he loves what he's doing and where he's doing it. Here, Harris examines that new contract and compares Sid to the best players in other American sports leagues:
What he did is just about unheard of for a player of his lofty status. He's a superstar who left millions of dollars on the table when he could have waited another year to negotiate and drive up his price.

Peyton Manning wouldn't do it in the NFL. A-Rod wouldn't do it in Major League Baseball. Kobe Bryant wouldn't do it in the NBA. Make no mistake, Crosby is every bit as good in hockey.


He's earned the right to squeeze every dollar out of the Penguins because not only does he help his team win, he brings more value to the franchise.

But Crosby isn't consumed by ego. He's comfortable with who he is. He wants to win, and the best way for the Penguins to win is to keep their young and talented nucleus intact.
It's a shame for the fans as well as the team when money begins to matter more to an athlete than his game. Hopefully Sid won't fall into that abyss.

Seems like things are always looking up for this guy!

  • In other Penguins news, Jordan Staal, his older brother and Carolina Hurricanes center Eric, and 12 other guests were arrested last weekend at a bachelor party that was being held in honor of the elder Staal got a little rowdy. Jordan got tagged for underage drinking. (Maybe he forgot he was stateside?) Personally, I think this story is hilarious. Who hasn't done something like this? As Jes pointed out in the article I linked above, he wasn't driving while he was drunk, so who cares? Hey, at least he's not torturing animals...

  • And finally, most of you know that comments that you leave here on The Sidney Crosby Show don't appear until Jes approves them. I totally forgot to mention that he was out all last week. If you left a comment and it didn't show up, check back. It will probably be there now. If it's not, drop me or Jes an email, and we'll get it taken care of. :)

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