Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pens v Stars (W 4-1)

There's been a change of plans. The special post I'm working on won't be ready until tomorrow. I'm running behind because yesterday afternoon at 1:55pm, the owner of the company I work for came into my office and said, "I know it's kind of last minute, but if you want these you can have them and you don't have to pay me for them." He then proceeded to place two tickets to last night's Penguins game. 0_0

Me: "YES. YES, I DO WANT THEM. VERY MUCH." Unfortunately, my husband couldn't get the night off work, but his best friend and I made the trip to the Mellon Arena. The seats were AMAZING and the game was awesome.

If you need a recap of last night's action, click here. The Pens play again tonight in about an hour (ha ha). Here are a few pictures I got - I don't know what happened, but most of the ones I took last night are too blurry to post. :(


Mark Eaton and Gary Roberts both wearing the "A."

We were sitting right above Marty Turco.

Celebrating Sid's second goal of the night.

Sid (again)

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