Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Longest Week EVER

MY GOD. Is this the longest week of your life or what? This week has been dragging on ALMOST as long as the week before the puck drops at the beginning of the season. Okay... it's not quite that bad - but it is bad! Fortunately (read: unfortunately) for me, I have been kept busy for the last week or so with IBM training. (>_<) Seriously, it's so boring I thought I was in hell more than once. Anyhoo, the training is what is to blame for my neglecting TSCS. That will end now as I have for you an article sent to me by none other than TSCS founder Jes Golbez.

It is an essay written by Sports Illustrated's Darren Eliot about why Sidney Crosby is the perfect fit in the Pens' captaincy position. For starters, Eliot doesn't seem to mind the somewhat mechanical answers the Saint often gives the media saying, "He answers all media inquiries with thoughtful consideration, all the while looking his questioner in the eye." While some may accuse Sid of not relaxing, not being sincere, or not having personality because of his interviewing style, Eliot thinks it shows a great deal of restraint and maturity. "Still, his cautious attitude is disarming, especially when the Penguins' talent level can easily breed overconfidence."

He's perfect for the Pens.

So why does Eliot think Sid is the perfect captain for the Penguins? "...Crosby has a much broader perspective than most his age. He knows the rigors of constant scrutiny and elevated expectations. That's why he is the perfect captain for this talented young group." You can't argue with that reasoning. If anyone knows about elevated expectations, it would be Sid, who as a teenager still in Shattuck-Saint Mary's Boarding School was already being touted as "The Next Wayne Gretzky." I'm not sure if the word pressure is strong enough to describe what that must have felt like. And yet, through it all, he's managed to maintain that approachable, genuine, "Aw shucks" humility that makes fans like me run blogs about him. :) The summary of Eliot's point:
Crosby's example is precisely why the Penguins will continue to grow, learn and excel, both on and off the ice. ...on the ice, Crosby sets the tone. He is unselfish with the puck and willing to go into the high traffic areas to make plays. He is the hardest working player on the ice every time he jumps the boards, and never takes a shift off. That willingness to work separates the great from the regular and the special from the great. And make no mistake. Crosby is special.

The net effect for the Penguins -- call it the Crosby quotient -- is that there is no shirking of responsibilities. Everyone is beholden to one another. I don't care what his birth certificate says, that is damn admirable leadership at any age.

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