Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jealousy Is An Ugly, UGLY Thing

A friend of mine, Loser Chris from Taking One for the Team, sent me an email yesterday. I debated on whether or not I should address the content of his letter, and I have decided that I will in fact tell you, my Friends, what is going on so I could see what you all thought about it. I will say my piece only once. After that, if the subject of this next story and his readers choose to stoop to a new low and continue their unprovoked verbal assault on me, so be it. I won't waste any more of your time or my own after this - count on it.

So anyways, Chris sent me an email with the subject "Looks like you have an admirer... NOT." It contained a link to a blog that with which I was unfamiliar called Dump'N Chase. It is a Washington Capitals blog written by a man named Mike Vogel. It contains some insults aimed in both Sidney's and my directions. Now, ordinarily I wouldn't give this another thought because not everyone is going to be a fan of my style of writing, and obviously not everyone is a fan of Sidney Crosby. But then again, this is no ordinary blogger insulting me. Mike Vogel, it turns out, is the head writer for the Washington Capitals website (look for the Dump'N Chase logo on the right side of the screen). To put this into perspective for you, his post about me is the equivalent of Chris Chelios making fun of my husband's hockey skills. I am an amateur blogger. I do this in my spare time because I love doing it, Sidney is my favorite player, and I really like all of you guys.

So how, I wondered to my friend Chris, would this guy even have the time to find this little blog about Sidney Crosby if he's "busy" working for an NHL franchise? To which he responded, "Why not? It's not like he's busy waxing poetic about all those Caps Stanley Cups or doing prep work for his big Caps Playoff Preview." Touché! Another question I had - which no one but Mr. Vogel can answer - is this: why, if you don't care about Sid, are you reading my blog about him? To take it a step further, why even mention my blog in yours? Why belittle me? Are you compensating for the lack of something, be it talent or otherwise?

Additionally, a couple of the readers in the comments section in Dump'N Chase really tried to put me in my place. Just so you know, comparing me to one of Mario's kids is not the insult you think it is. I could only BE that lucky. And I was going to post my college GPA to dispel any questions about my intelligence, but I am secure enough in myself that I don't feel it is necessary.

Mr. Vogel, if the program had been called "Alexander Ovechkin Revealed," I suspect you would have been as excited for it as I was for the "Sidney Crosby Revealed" program. And that is exactly what this all boils down to: JEALOUSY. If the Caps had somehow won the Sidney Crosby lottery (as the 2005 draft was often called), you would be writing as enthusiastically about him as I do now. Does it really bother you that much that Ovechkin isn't as popular as Crosby?

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