Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let Me Explain

Sometimes I forget that my readers live in places that are much, MUCH farther away than the greater Pittsburgh region (as Ticketmaster likes to call it). As a result, a lot of you don't get the Penguins games on TV. In my last game recap, I referred to Maxime Talbot as "Borat." Considering the reason I just stated, I should probably explain why I called him that.

You see, FSN Pittsburgh features Penguins players in its commercials. The players read the following statement from a teleprompter: "Hi, I'm insert player name here. You're watching FSN Pittsburgh. Penguins fans first!" Some of the players (Marc-Andre Fleury and Ronald Petrovicky for example) like to mix it up by saying the phrase in their native tongues. Other players make no effort to hide the fact that they're reading from a teleprompter. My husband and I like to pick the worst one of the bunch based on how obvious it is that the player is reading from a teleprompter and how little emotion is conveyed through the player's voice. Last season, it was a dead even tie between Ryan Malone and Mark Recchi.

This season it seems that FSN Pittsburgh has decided to give the players a bit of creative control. For example, I haven't switched my television station away from FSN for almost two weeks because Big Georges Laraque warned me not to touch the remote, and now I'm too scared to change the channel. Sir Sidney's commercial has him attempting to intimidate me with a stoney faced "glare," but it just doesn't have the desired effect because of his baby face. (Try again in a year or two, Sid.)

THIS is the Sid everyone fears.

Which brings me to Mad Max's commercial. It starts out with Max reading from the teleprompter. It is so bad that you can actually see his eyes moving back and forth while he's reading. His voice NEVER changes pitch. It's completely monotonous and doesn't even change when he comes to any form of punctuation. So I look over at my husband and just as we're sharing that "This is the worst one this year - maybe the worst of all time" look, Max bursts into laughter and asks if he can reshoot the commercial because he sounded like Borat. Instantly, it became the best commercial ever.

Just so you know, I looked everywhere on YouTube for some of these commercials - even the ones from last season. Alas, I couldn't find one. If/when I ever figure out how to get video off my VCR onto my laptop, I'll post this commercial on YouTube myself so you can see it. (Actually, I now think I know how to get the video off my VCR onto my laptop; I simply need the proper equipment and the time to get set up. If I can pull it off, you all will be able to see this commercial AND Sid's In My Own Words programs - I didn't forget about it!)

Moving on: Longtime friend of The Show and fellow Crosby blogger Eric B. of The Sidney Crosby Spotlight wrote a GLOWING review of TSCS. Check it out and see if you agree with him. Thanks, Eric!!! Your compliments are very much appreciated. :)

And I know - this post wasn't REALLY about Saint Sid today, but hopefully I cleared that issue up for you guys. I leave you today with this gem that I found on YouTube while I was searching for the commercials. It is the video the Pens played at the home opener on October 6. It's six and a half minutes of Penguins goodness, chock full of highlights from the past and the present, as well as this year's player introductions. Enjoy!

Pens v Devils Tonight @ 7:30
GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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