Monday, October 15, 2007

Canadian Idol

I found this article thanks to a tip from Friend of The Show Ashley, who left a link in the comments section of the "Crosby: Those Things Happen" post from Friday, October, 12. It seems that TSN decided to try to find out who the biggest star in Canada is. You might be surprised to find out where the Saint ranked.

The Canadian Idol poll was taken among 1,000 English Canadians only (Quebec was excluded), half of whom were men, the other half women. There were 2 questions on the survey. Participants were first asked, "Who do you feel are the three most popular Canadians currently working in the music, television, film, or sports industries today?" Okay now, get ready - because I died a little inside when I found out that Sidney came in 6th overall. I wasn't upset because he wasn't number one, after all, he was up against ALL Canadian celebrities. In fact, most of the celebs that beat Sid are worthy: 1. Celine Dion, 2. Shania Twain, 3. Jim Carrey, and 4. Wayne Gretzky.

What I honestly can't wrap my head around is that Sid was bested for the number five spot by bubblegum pop singing, loogie spitting, always whining, poser-punk emo girl Avril Lavigne. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME.

"I demand a recount!!!"

As I read the article, I shook it off. "Surely the other question will be better," I thought. I was wrong. Things did fare better for Sidney; however, I was left scratching my head once again. Participants were asked, "Thinking of sports only, who do you feel are the three most popular Canadian athletes in the last 10 years?" Even if you just started watching hockey last week, you know that Wayne Gretzky came in at number 1. Our man Sid came in at an impressive number 2, considering he's only starting his third year in the NHL. So what knocked the wind out of me about this one? Mario Lemieux came in at a stunning number 5. THIS MAN SAVED AN ENTIRE NHL FRANCHISE - 3 TIMES!!!

Perhaps it is because that particular franchise happens to be my favorite team that I approach this with a level of bias. Maybe I'm in the minority thinking that Avril Lavigne is a joke and that Mario Lemieux deserved a higher spot on the list. Whatever the case may be, you're welcome to submit your thoughts in the comments section. I'm very curious as to what you all think about these results. (You don't need a Blogger account to leave a comment, and you can remain anonymous. Just leave the comment once; we moderate comments here, and yours will be visible after it is approved.)

Thanks go out to Ashley for providing the link. :)

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