Friday, October 12, 2007

Crosby: "Those things happen"

Are you worried about the Penguins slow start this season and the fact that Sid's only got 2 points in 3 games? Well, Sidney isn't. Here's what he and some of his teammates told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
It doesn't seem to be a concern for Crosby. Or any of his teammates, for that matter. "Those things happen," Crosby said yesterday. "Maybe it's going on now, and it won't happen [later] during the year." Going into last night's games, Crosby was in a 93-way tie for 96th place in the NHL scoring race, roughly 95 notches below his customary spot.


"I don't think anybody's worried about Sid," forward Max Talbot said. Nor, for that matter, are many of the Penguins fretting over the team's inability to score as often as expected. They are averaging 2.67 goals per game, down about a half-goal from last season. "That's the last thing everyone's worried about," forward Jordan Staal said. "We know the puck's going to go in sooner or later."

While the Penguins clearly have not been as opportunistic as they were for much of 2006-07, it is far too early to write off their offense. They are averaging a little more than 30 shots per game and have created a reasonable number of scoring chances but haven't capitalized on as many as usual.

"We're three games in," Crosby said. "It's really early. We had a few chances [Wednesday] that we didn't put in. If we put a couple of those in, our average is higher and we're not talking about it."
With 79 games to go, everyone (and by "everyone" I mean "the media") needs to just calm down, sit back, and enjoy the ride. I said it before - being a Penguins fan isn't easy. If you have a family history of heart problems, you may want to consider being a Red Wings fan - their seasons are getting to be too predictable. ;)

Ooooh, that is going to hurt tomorrow. (Photo by Peter Diana)

There is a poll on NHL Tournament Of Logos. This time the site's creator, Chris, is trying to determine the best vintage logo. This week, the classic scarf wearing Penguin is up against the Colorado Rockies... well, Rocky Mountains. YOU MUST VOTE FOR OUR PENGUINS LOGO. We're losing right now!!! :(

While I was surfing the NHL Tournament Of Logos site, I found a website that has incredible sports editorial cartoons. The artist, Ken Henderson, was kind enough to give me permission to bring some of his work to you here on TSCS. I'll be checking back often (I encourage you to check out his site) and bringing you some more of these gems:

Courtesy of Ken Henderson

Finally, I wanted to post this picture of the Malkin / Komisarek incident from Wednesday's game, since it seemed to be a pretty hot topic. The guys at found a much better picture of it happening. Check it out:


I still think it looks like he should have gotten a penalty shot. If anyone has a link to a good video clip of this, drop me a link in the comments section. I'd love to see it on film one more time to try to figure out what really happened.

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