Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All Sidney, All The Time

I have all sorts of Sid stuff for you today.

First up, the Wizard of Croz graces the cover of the NHL's new book "Reflections on a Hockey Season," sales of which will benefit Hockey Fights Cancer. The coffee table book features photos of on-ice action as well as candid behind-the-scenes shots. It is the first in what is proposed to be an annual series.

Next up, were you as nervous as I was last week when Sid left practice early because of groin pain? Friend of The Show and fellow Crosby blogger Eric B. takes a look at the issue to give us some perspective. Check out his article over at the Sidney Crosby Spotlight.

This next one comes courtesy of Empty Netters. Business Week Online compiled a list of the 100 most influential people in sports. As you can probably guess, the list is dominated by football, baseball, and basketball players. Even a golfer claims the number 2 spot. But our title man checks in at number 61, and that's actually not bad considering he's up against the numerous superstars in all of American sports. (The only other member of the NHL to make this list was commissioner Gary Bettman, who came in at number 27.)


The Penguins' website reports that in a column written for USA Today, sports writer Kevin Allen picks the Penguins as his favorite to go all the way and win that Cup:

“My thought process is this: The Eastern Conference is really wide open, probably more so than it’s been in the history of the NHL,” Allen said. “If you look at what happened in the offseason, Buffalo was a good team and they got hit hard. New Jersey was a good team and they got hit hard by free agency as well. The two other playoff teams, the Rangers and Atlanta, both lost players and the bottom teams got better. I think the Penguins proved themselves as well. With it being wide open, I think there is a real shot for the Penguins to rise up and win that Eastern Conference. If you can win that Eastern Conference, I think you’ve got a shot. Anything can happen.”

Allen believes the leadership of Sidney Crosby, who became the youngest captain in the history of the NHL this summer, will play a key role in Pittsburgh’s drive to the top.

“I have a lot of faith in Sidney Crosby as a leader. I just think there hasn’t been too many, if any, players as young as him who really know what it takes to be a flag carrier for an NHL,” Allen said.

Allen goes on to explain that Sid isn't the only reason he favors the Pens. With players like Malkin, Staal, Whitney, et al., the Pens are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Finally today, you can check out a transcript of yesterday's NHL conference call that featured a Q&A session with Saint Sid courtesy of Kuklas Korner. There's nothing groundbreaking in the interview, but it's a good refresher to get up-to-speed on where Sid's head is at going into this new season.

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