Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pens v Habs 2: Sidney's Revenge

Well, okay. Sid didn't play last night, but I thought the headline was catchy. ;) The Penguins did get their revenge, however: they beat the Canadiens 5 to 2. Friend of The Show Lana M. went to this game, too. Here's her account of how things went down:
The pens first two goals came so fast i barely saw them happen, not to mention being up in the rafters tonight I could just barely able to make out some names on jerseys. Nice to see new names on the score sheet.

The building Monday night was 21,273 people acting like it was days till the playoffs, not your normal pre-season game. The action on the ice was nothing like a pre-season game, we couldn't believe the passion that was being left out there. Tonight, i have to admit it was much more low-key. You had Latendresse out there forgetting that the next time he sees the Pens he's going to have Laraque and Ruutu to answer to. My heart stopped when Whitney was slow to get up but I felt much better seeing him play just fine on his next shift.

Poor Esposito, I think he fanned on 5 shots before one even came close to the net. He wants it bad. I can imagine the pressure or nervousness he must have felt coming to play here. If he makes the team i just hope he gets the chance to put the winner in on at least one game against Montreal. Just to say "See? See what you passed on?" They deserve it.

Malkin looked great, smooth, soft hands. His penalty seemed pretty much out of laziness and I got a few taunts seeing I had his jersey on tonight but streaking out of the box to score, that... That felt really good.

It's really impossible to base any predictions from the two games as to what will come this season. Montreal doesn't always look great on paper but in my opinion the Bell Center always seems a little louder when the Pens come to play. It's been a great two nights here in the city.
I'm glad you had fun, Lana. Thanks SO MUCH for the recap!

Sir Sidney having a laugh at training camp

I'd like to keep doing this, even after the regular season kicks in and we get the games on TV. I'm not going to try to recap the games this season; I'll be sure to pass along the scores and, of course, all the details about Sidney's performances, but there are plenty of other sites out there that do a much better job of recapping games than I ever could.

So I guess this is how I see the regular season going here at The Sidney Crosby Show this year: I will continue to keep you up-to-date on all the Saint Sid news you can handle, as always, but for the actual game recaps, I've decided to let that one up to you guys. If you go to a game and you want to send me your story, I'd love to share it here. I think it's always best to hear these stories from someone who has been there.

And OF COURSE I will recap any game I attend - which means you all are going to get a first hand account of my experience at the Ice Bowl Winter Classic 2008!!! Currently, I also have tickets to attend the last home game of the season, which is Fan Appreciation Night - a.k.a. The Shirts Off Our Backs Night. Every fan wins something at that game. (Hopefully, I'll win more than a newspaper this year!)

And finally tonight, thanks go out to a new Friend of The Show. Maureen G. informed me that the Penguins website has posted team members' NHL photos for the new season. If you go to our main page, I've changed the picture of Sid to the new one. She said this about the new photo: "Saint Sid is really growing up before our eyes!" Agreed - and I suspect we've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the talent of this young man.

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