Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ANOTHER Reason Canada > USA

Yes, Canadians get to have all the fun when it comes to hockey. They are treated to NHL broadcasts on REGULAR T.V. stations that everyone gets. Our title man Sidney Crosby is Canadian. Hockey is to Canada what football is to the United States. And now they have this:
Game On! With another NHL season right around the corner, hockey fans are getting ready to cheer their favourite teams and follow Canadian superstar Sidney Crosby's first season as captain of the fast-rising Pittsburgh Penguins.

But why just watch Sidney Crosby play on TV, when you could get the chance to fly to a game and meet him in person?

Meeting Sidney Crosby is just one of the incredible prizes the Pepsi(R), Lay's(R), Doritos(R), and Gatorade(R) brands will be awarding every hour, every day during the "Game On with Sidney Crosby" promotion running between September 9, 2007 and November 3, 2007.
I was THRILLED TO PIECES when Friend of The Show Eric B. sent me this link so I, too, could enter a contest for a chance to meet Sid at a game. But those hopes were soon dashed (okay, I know - but I'm being melodramatic for effect here) when I read this:
8. ELIGIBILITY: This Contest is open to all residents of Canada, 13 years of age or older...
Being that I live in central Pennsylvania, I am not eligible to enter said contest. But - even though I am green with envy - I encourage all our Canadian Friends to click here and enter this contest!!! If you win, take LOTS of pictures and send them my way!!! GOOD LUCK!

(Special thanks to fellow Crosby blogger Eric for sending me this information. Check out this blog entry for more details.)

[*Sigh*] Canadians are so lucky.

And finally, since we're talking about contests, congratulations go out to Friend of The Show Cassie C. has good news to share with us:
I won second prize in the NHLPA Pearson Award Fan Contest! I've known for some time but I got the release form today, so yeah, it's official. It'll be even better when I get the stuff. I get a jersey signed by either Lecavalier or Luongo (so close to getting Sid's which went to the grand prize winner). But, there's some other stuff in there, too. I can't remember what all it was, but it was funny because the guy that won was from New York, and the guy that got second was from Ottawa. And then there's me from Mississippi. :)
Congrats, Cass!

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