Monday, September 03, 2007

Sid Vids

There's not a lot of Sid news. There's not a lot of Penguins news. There's not a lot of hockey news right now, for that matter - unless you care that some jerk and his Hollywood girlfriend broke up, or that some teen queen is dating again, or that some celebrity-wannabe married the all-time American-born goal scoring leader - so I went trolling through YouTube again to try to find some videos to help you pass the time. (BTW, you do realize that this final month before the season begins is going to be the longest month of our lives, right? Ha ha, it will be at least until September 2008, anyways...) Anyhoo, I found two really good ones for you.

Okay, first up, I finally found a video from that RbK SC87 press conference! It's a bit strange to watch because the words being spoken don't match up with Sid's mouth at all (you'll see what I mean), but it's a good watch anyways. And yes, those horrible I ♥ Crosby shirts are featured prominently in this video... (>_<)

Next up, I found this video of Sidney's surprise visit with the Penguins' summer hockey camp kids. The quality isn't the best, but it gives us a glimpse of Saint Sid at his best. Personally, my favorite part is at the very end of the video, when the kids thank the Saint for his time with their sticks. :)

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