Thursday, August 23, 2007

More (Stupid) Advice for Sidney

I hate to rehash an old subject, but someone ELSE has yet another piece of unsolicited advice for Sidney regarding the millions he earns from his contract extension and now his RBK SC87 clothing line. This one comes from Leafs TV sportscaster Jody Vance:
Even young ladies get to join in the fun by donning the "I (heart) Crosby" tops. You must applaud the idea of a new, hip brand targeting the young hockey fan, but there is one thing missing from this marketing equation. Where is the charity element? If there is one, I can't find it.


Amid all of the organized chaos [of the fans at the September 1998 launch of The Wayne Gretzky Collection], Wayne's message was loud and clear: Part of the proceeds would go to support P.E.B.B.L.E.S. -- Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students.


For Sid, this can't be "just" about making money, can it?

We know after signing a five-year extension with the Penguins recently for a cool US$43.5 million, the 20-year-old Pittsburgh captain hardly needs the RBK revenue.

If Sid the Kid is truly tearing a page out of the PR book written by Gretzky, he needs to make sure he is giving back as he grows his brand.
Excuse me, Ms. Vance: EXACTLY WHAT BUSINESS OF THIS IS YOURS? Honestly, is Wayne Gretzky the NHL legend that Sidney should REALLY be idolizing? Personally - and I admit that I may be biased here - I think that Sid's Pittsburgh landlord is a 1,000,000 times better role model than Wayne could ever hope to be.

Sid shows us what his rank will be this season

And, Jody, I can't let this slide:
SHAME ON YOU for reducing me and my fellow female Crosby fans to stereotypical, puck bunny caricatures with one sentence!!! As a female sportscaster for Leafs TV, I would think you of all people would understand how hard it is for females who are legitimate fans of the sport of hockey to overcome that particular stereotype. That you would perpetuate that cliché says more about you, ma'am, than it does about Sid's female fans.

Moving on... Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come (again) for you to vote for Sidney (again). This time our main man Sid is nominated in's top 49 to determine who voters consider to be the best representatives of the male gender. (Last year's winner was George Clooney.) To vote for Saint Sid, simply click the banner below and click the "3. Athletics" link. Also, be SURE to turn on your speakers when you check out his profile and use the slider scale below his picture - that music is priceless, especially when you click the submit button! UNREAL!!! Top 49 Men

I'll include this link in the next couple of posts as a reminder to VOTE FOR SID!!!

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