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Wanna Know What He's Saying?

Wow. I received another email from Lisa-Marie today. She is amazing. She translated the audio of both videos I mentioned in the Grab Bag of Saint Sid Stuff post and sent it to me. I can only imagine there are other non-French speaking Saint Sid fans that are dying to know what he's saying, too. Without further ado, here are the translations:

REPORTER: Diana Hayfield at The Mirage golf club. Michel Therrien has convinced a few Penguins players to participate in a friendly round of golf. Sidney Crosby, and the new addition of Angelo Esposito were two of the Penguins who joined on the fun. They were two of about 10 Penguins who accepted the invitation extended by Therrien. Last year, the golf game consisted of mainly Penguins players who considered Quebec their hometown. For this second annual tradition, players like Ryan Malone joined the game thanks to the persuasion of the captain, Sidney Crosby.

THERRIEN: It's important for me. We believe that we have a great chemistry at the core of our team. That chemistry is something that we need to keep up, and keep building on.

CROSBY: It's just a chance to see the guys and have a bit of fun, but it's important too to meet the newer guys. It's just good for the team.

ESPO: It gives me the chance to meet the guys before going to the training camp, and it'll put me more at ease. It'll be good for me.

REPORTER: the young Penguins developed a team spirit and friendship many teams in the NHL only dream of. Marc-Andre Fleury was particularly happy to meet up again with Dany Sabourin, who will be returning to Pittsburgh once again after a season with Vancouver.

SABOURIN: It was my choice to return to the Penguins, to play more games than last year. I'm taking the next step.

REPORTER: Last year Pittsburgh experienced a season that surpassed all expectations. For 2007-2008, Sidney Crosby has the Stanley Cup in his sight.

THERRIEN: Athletes, good athletes will force themselves to achieve goals like that.
However, the first goal is, primarily, to make the playoffs. It's still a great accomplishment, and a good start. We have to be realistic in acknowledging that we do still have a young team, but the big difference between the seaosn before last and last one is, of course, confidence.

TALBOT: I think the environment will be different this year--we'll have a lot more pressure to win, and the pressure to finish first. But it's a good kind of pressure--I think it'll be fun.

REPORTER: Crosby dominated in his second year in the NHL--it could even be said that he far surpassed his rival, Alexander Ovechkin.
(snoop: ummmmmm, do ya THINK?!)

CROSBY: I think the comparison will always be there, between me and other players. I just try to focus on my game and on my team.

REPORTER: Sidney Crosby is already on his second vacation in Quebec, in just one week. Number 87 also plans on staying in Rimouski for awhile, at the end of August.

At last we understand one another, Sidney Crosby.

(I won't type out the english parts...because,
well..y'know *LOL*):

REPORTER: Sidney Crosby makes the crowd crazy. Despite the hair-frizzing 30-degree weather, the Magog arena was packed with fans.

CROSBY: There's always a great group of guys that are here. And I think it's fun for the people to see this kind of hockey--it's a lot of skill and lots of skating, so it's fun to watch.

REPORTER: in his second season in the NHL, Sidney Crosby got his hands on pretty much every individual award available. For 2007-2008, his goal is to win the Stanley

CROSBY (speaking english)

REPORTER: The newly appoitned captain was pleased that the team success ultimately persuaded a prolonged agreement for Michel Therrien to remain coach.

CROSBY (english)

REPORTER: As for newcomer Angelo Esposito, Crosby acknowledges that it'll be tough for him to transition from Juniors into the NHL.

The reporter then just goes on to say that Crosby will play at east 3 more matches, and if they make it to the finals, he's got at least 5. But we already knew that ;)

Many, MANY thanks again to Lisa-Marie for her translations. Translating the words may be easy for her, but I guarantee you typing all of that out (I just copied and pasted from the email - she did all that work!) is no picnic. Lisa, your work is appreciated!!!

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