Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Grab Bag of Saint Sid Stuff

Without readers like Rachel, Cassie C., and Lisa-Marie W., offseason on this blog would be as exciting as watching the construction of the new arena on a live webcam. That's right - the Penguins website now has an "arena progress" page that is connected to a webcam that updates the photo every minute. At first, being able to watch them build the Penguins' new playground in (almost) real time sounds cool - until you stop and realize how much time it's going to take to build an entire arena. It ends up being a bit like watching paint dry. Honestly, checking back on it once a day will give you a sufficient view of the progress being made at the site. At any rate, for your convenience, I put a link to it at the right in the Pittsburgh Penguins Links section (underneath the Essential Sid Links section). Now on to the reader submissions:

First up is a cartoon that I got from Cassie C. She received it from a friend, but didn't know what it said. Enter: Lisa-Marie. She very kindly provided us with the translation. And while I know it would have been more appropriately used for the announcement of Sid's new contract, it's a funny cartoon and I thought I would share it with you nonetheless. Enjoy:

Lemieux: C'mon little guy, let's go play!
Crosby: So tell me...when's payday?

Our next item comes from Rachel. She left this in the comments section under the Penguins Off-season Golf Tourney post. It was such a great find that I didn't want anyone to miss it. Read on:
rachel said...
Thanks to a friend that showed me, there's a video of the
Pens golfing and being interviewed here. Just search Sidney Crosby and it's the top video, Mirage pour Crosby et Therrien. The catch is they're all speaking French ;)
That website is a veritable French goldmine of El Sid videos. I thought it was awesome to see them all golfing, even though I only recognized words like "I" and "it is" and only a handful of other mostly insignificant words. There is video on there from the Au Bout de Souffle, too. Take a few minutes to check it out even if you don't speak French. Besides, what else are you going to do in this horrible August heatwave?

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