Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday To Sidney!!!

Happy Sidney's Birthday, everyone!

The Birthday Boy

Saint Sid turns 20 years old today. You just have to believe that he's spending his birthday in Canada. His family is there, and he's already legal in Canada. In the States, he's got "one more year 'til beer" - just ask Jordan Staal! ;) Speaking of his family, I kind of feel bad for his Mom and Dad: What exactly do you get somebody for his birthday when he's just signed a contract giving him so much money that he can buy and sell you multiple times? Well, we didn't get him anything, but we here at The Sidney Crosby Show want to wish him a very happy birthday anyways:

I know that is a kid's cake, but isn't it AWESOME?!

My birthday wish for Sid is that next year, he'll be spending his 21st birthday chugging adult beverages from the
best cup in the entire world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SID!!!

Late Edit:
For anyone who is curious, according to
Shelly Anderson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sid already celebrated his birthday in Cole Harbour this weekend with a family gathering on Saturday and a fishing trip on Sunday. His plans for today involve getting together and relaxing with friends. Also of note, the author asks if "Sid the Kid" is still an appropriate nickname for him now that he's no longer a teenager. Umm, apparently Shelly doesn't read TSCS!!!

Late Edit #2:
Check out the cake on the Penguins website for Sid:

They stole my idea!! Ha ha, oh well - theirs is much better than mine. :)

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