Thursday, August 09, 2007

Penguins Hut?!

Hello, hello, hello! There's not much going on in Sidneyland™ right now, but there is some Penguins news to tell you about:

For starters, Pizza Hut has become the "
official pizza of the Pittsburgh Penguins." Starting this season, Pizza Hut products will be served at concession stands in Mellon Arena. And when the new arena finally opens for business in 2010ish, you'll be able to enjoy pizza from the Hut in a restaurant that will be built within the arena.

Jordan Staal and his older brother Eric have been
offered plea agreements from prosecutors in Minnesota that will likely help them avoid jail time. They are consulting lawyers to determine that their visas will not be affected by accepting the offer. They'll be fined $587 each for disorderly conduct, and Jordan will pay an additional $150 for underage drinking. Wow. I hope they don't have to break the bank to pay up! :P

The NHL online shop's most wanted

Finally, sales on have increased for the 11th straight month....... [*yawn*]. Here's the teeny tiny bit of Saint Sid news hidden in that article: His jersey is the top seller! (Apparently sales of Penguins merchandise in general have increased almost 200%.) This should come as no real surprise - anyone who went to a Penguins game last season will tell you that it seemed like every fifth person was rocking a Crosby sweater.

Thank GOD training camp starts soon, and there are less than 2 months until it's a hockey night in Pittsburgh again... I don't know about you, but the anticipation is almost KILLING me!!!

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