Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stylin' with Sidney

The RBK SC87 media event Jes told you about took place yesterday. Sidney made an appearance at at the Sport Chek in Mississauga to unveil his new fashion line to the public. Funny that reporters seemed more interested in hockey than fashion:
In hockey-mad southern Ontario, and with about a month until NHL training camps open, one suspected the conversation wouldn't stick to clothes for very long. So, while Crosby graciously answered questions about his Rbk SC87 line at Sport Chek near Square One Shopping Centre, he was inundated with queries about the upcoming season.

How deep will the Penguins go in the playoffs? Did signing an enormous contract extension in the off-season ($43.5 million over five years) and being named captain put more pressure on the youngest player to ever win a scoring title in any major North American sports league?
That is, until one of the models emerged wearing one of the new RBK SC87 items:
Usually polished and a bit reserved during interviews, Crosby, 20, answered many of the questions with humour. Case in point, when officials paraded out a young woman wearing a hot pink shirt with Crosby's logo emblazoned on it, and then a model wearing the form-fitting I Love Crosby t-shirt showed up.

"On the female side of things, I didn't have too much input on that," said Crosby, with a smile. "It was actually funny because I'd being going over some of the designs and prints with my parents talking about what's in style and what isn't."

We already addressed Sid's modeling skills, but does pink REALLY belong in a hockey clothing line?

So what is Sidney's preferred style for himself? He says he's "pretty simple and casual, and if I had my choice I'd wear sweat pants all day." And don't worry, folks - just because Saint Sid is joining the throngs of other celebrities slapping their names on the labels of your t-shirts, he's not ready to give up his day job just yet. According to Crosby, "(fashion) is something new for me, but I've enjoyed the process. I'm not going to be changing professions by any means, but I'm trying to enjoy it."

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