Thursday, August 30, 2007

As Promised: Sid's Next Question

I got lots of assists with today's post...

First up, Friend of TSCS Erin C. from BigBenNews found this much larger image of Saint Sid with the two models from the unveiling of the RbK SC87 fashion line. She spotted it on "Caught in the Act" on You can really see the detail in this picture - like the "I ♥ Crosby" graphic written in PINK on the t-shirt on the girl on the right. Blech. caption: Sidney Crosby has a good time introducing his new line of clothing earlier this week.

Next, in a "great minds think alike" moment, friends of TSCS Lana M. and Adrienne F. found this video of an almost 19 year old Sidney playing the "Next Question" game on TSN's Off the Record. Lana mentioned this appearance in a comment under the In Case You Missed It post. She correctly stated that Sid appears to be at his most candid in this clip. Both she and Adrienne came through for us and located the clip:

One can only speculate as to what Sid's advice for "Grapes" ( ← what a suit) would have been. My guess? "F*** Off!"

Courtesy of Kukla's Korner by way of Empty Netters, Sid will be switching to a different hockey stick manufacturer this year. His Sher-Wood endorsement contract will be expiring soon, and - wait for it - Reebok has scored yet another endorsement from the 20 year old center. He'll be using an RbK stick this season, which effectively ensures that everything that Sid uses and/or puts on or near his body on the ice and off will be a Reebok product.

Friend of TSCS (and contributor of the winning nickname!) Christopher L. sent in a link to vote for the best logo in the NHL. Right now, our beloved skating penguin is facing off against the Canadiens, um, letters? Chris had the following to say about it:
"The mighty Penguin is a lot cooler than some stupid letters ... and H for Hockey? DUH?!?!?" So get over there and vote for our logo!!! And hurry - the Penguins are behind and voting closes 11:59 p.m. September 4th!!!

And finally, here's a bit of Sidney gossip I found that's coming to you from The, an English language Quebec newspaper:
Crosby and the leggy blond: National Hockey League superstar Sidney Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins teammates Ryan Malone and Ryan Whitney were spotted having a jolly good time very recently a the popular W Hotel bar downtown. According to my sources, a couple of attractive young patrons of the bar, the hockey players were in town for a golf tournament. Crosby, who has yet to turn 20, was apparently very quiet and shy. The three teammates drank vodka at their table and had young females falling at their feet. “There was a tall leggy blonde really coming on strong to Crosby,” said one of my sources, a 24 year-old graduate student. “He seemed very uncomfortable over the whole thing.” Crosby recently signed a $43 million five-year extension to his original three year pact. In 2008-09 he will collect a $9 million paycheque. I assume the leggy blonde was aware of that.
Malone was just married this spring, so I wonder if he was just as "uncomfortable over the whole thing" as Sid was. And did any of you care whether or not the sources were attractive and young? Regardless, I'll just let you all contribute your own comments about this story now... :)

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