Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Jersey Sneak Peek

While visiting the Penguins website this morning, I saw the following two pictures. At different times, they were each attached to the story announcing that the new jerseys will be unveiled later tonight (6:30 pm Eastern). At 8:00am, this image was being used:

Then, my friend Jeff in Korea pointed out this next one to me at 10:00am:

This appears to be a closeup of the v-neck collar.

It seems as though they are using these images as teasers. Notice that the gold is conspicuously brighter (see second image) than the current Vegas Gold (see third image)...

The Penguins' current away jersey.

I'm hoping they will be using another new image in the next couple of hours. The suspense is killing me. I need to know if the Penguins will be butchering their uniforms as so many of the teams have been doing. (Although, I must admit that the Habs' new sweater is pretty nice, in that they didn't really change it all that much.) If I happen to catch anymore pictures like these, I'll edit this post and add them. Remember: you can drop me an email if you find any pictures (

Late Edit

Friend of The Show Adrienne F. sent in this picture. It was leaked a few months ago and is widely accepted as authentic since the Penguins organization "politely asked" many blogs to remove the picture when it first started popping up. Considering that there are less than 7 hours until the new sweaters debut, I've decided it shouldn't matter if I post it here:

A new sweater for Sidney?


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