Thursday, September 06, 2007

The "Special" Patch

Remember that I told you the Pens' new jerseys would include a special patch? Okay. Now remember that I guessed that it would probably be for the Penguins' 40th Anniversary? Yeah, well, I was wrong. The special patch is no more than the city's name and the number 250. Here's a great shot of it that was sent to me by Friend of The Show Yan G. from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec - which, if my four years of high school French serves me well, translates to "Three Rivers" (what a small world!!!):

Max models the new sweater at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills. (Click to enlarge for detail)

What an awful patch. It's plain and ambiguous. Tell me - how many of you knew (without anyone explaining it) that the patch is to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city of Pittsburgh? UGH!!!

Am I totally wrong in my belief that the "special" patch should have been a patch commemorating the Penguins' 40th anniversary in Pittsburgh? After all, we did come dangerously close to losing them this year - one would think that the fact that we were able to keep the Pens through that 40 year mark would be something worthy of an appearance on the new sweaters.


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