Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Buying a Full Season Next Year

Several Friends of The Show have pointed out that I seriously dropped the ball by not telling you all about this next story:

WOW. Yeah, I may not live close enough to actually be able to attend a full season's worth of games, and it's true that I may not even be able to afford to be a Penguins full season ticket holder, but if Sidney's going to play mailman and bring them to my house, you can bet that I'll be buying them!! ;)

Here's the story from the Penguins website:
Instead of passing pucks, a few Penguins spent Thursday passing out season tickets.

As a show of their appreciation for tremendous fan support, Pittsburgh Penguins players hand-delivered season tickets to 24 season ticket-holders throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Sid calls the luckiest kid in the world

Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Marc-Andre Fleury, Ryan Whitney, Colby Armstrong and Maxime Talbot made the deliveries to the fans, who were selected at random.

“It was nice. It was nice to see the reaction on people’s faces,” Crosby said. “Everyone appreciated it; it was fun for me and for the rest of the guys to go and interact with people who support us so much. Some of the people have been season ticket-holders for 30 years. So, this was nice for us to do and to say thanks personally.”

There are two videos posted of Sidney making these deliveries:

Video One (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette version)

Video One (Penguins website version)

(I hope you watched them both; they're slightly different.) The first set of videos are of Saint Sid delivering tickets to Alice Kilgore, a woman (of whom I am infinitely jealous for so many reasons) who has been a Penguins season ticket holder for thirty years. Okay. Sid not only should hand deliver her tickets from now on, but he should maybe mow her lawn or run a vacuum at her house! It's folks like Alice that got the Pens through the lean years. Although I take issue with Alice telling Sid that the Pens aren't getting a Stanley Cup until NEXT year!!! I mean, she's probably right, but to say that to his face?! WOW. She definitely has some Chutzpah!

Oh, and apparently Sid is afraid of dogs, which does not bode well for me, as I have 4 big dogs (a golden retriever, a chocolate lab, and two greyhounds).

Video Two

The second one is of Sid stopping by Joan Kozlowski's home. Sid was even nice enough to phone her son, Matthew, to wish him a happy birthday. Joan - I am jealous of you, too.

I must admit that my home is similar to Joan's home in that I've got Penguins posters, jerseys, game souvenirs, flags, glasses, etc. literally all over my house, but my pride and joy is a shadow box with a jersey signed by Le Magnifique hanging in my hallway. But I can honestly say that I would give my LEFT ARM to have that framed piece of net hanging in her hallway!!! :)

Many thanks to Friends Eighty-Two, Alex, and Lisa-Marie W. for sending these links my way!!!

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