Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pens v Habs: Sidney's Got An Attitude

We here at The Sidney Crosby Show are blessed with the best Friends. I'm always getting assists from you guys, and today is no different. Last night, the Penguins faced the Canadiens in a preseason matchup. The Pens lost in overtime with a final score of 2 - 3. (>_<) Here are the first hand accounts of Friends of The Show Lana M. and Lisa-Marie W., who were both lucky enough to attend last night's game.

From Lana:
So they lost in OT but it was great to see them back on the ice. Crosby looked great out there. Just before he scored his first goal, i called it. He was just in his spot and i cheered. So what if i was the only one in my sections or a few sections for that matter, it felt good. He seems to get more emotional when he plays here. At least in my opinion he seems to but Komisarek was on the guy all night, can't blame him for fighting back.

Oooh, and on a side note, it may seem a little lame but Malone flipped me a puck and Malkin was in the press box in front of me and said hi. Go Pens.
No, Lana, that's not lame. That's AWESOME.

The new threads look pretty good.

From Lisa-Marie:
Crosby scored, from the absolute WEIRDEST angle I've ever seen, and he ricocheted it off Komisarek's stick. From the replay--it honestly looks like he did it on purpose. Seriously. He took a few dumb penalties--but that was more the ref's fault. He'd call tripping when Sid was going after the puck and the other guy just tripped. But in fairness, a lot of players got called for penalties on Sidney, too. I was kinda surprised, but happy.

The Croz got into a scuffle with Komisarek late in the third. A dumb thing to do, Komisarek is twice his size and a beast, but I admire Crosby's bravery and take-no-shit attitude. Komisarek cross-checked him, then when Crosby drove the net he tripped him and Crosby went crashing to the ice. The goalie gave him a shot, and a Habs player kneed him. The Kid got back up, took a slash at Komisarek, and a general scuffle of face washing and trash talking ensued. Komisarek and another Hab got a penalty, and Crosby and Recchi took a penalty each, so it was 3 vs 3 in overtime. Crosby and Komisarek were standing up and yelling at each other in the box--is it me, or do you just LOVE it when players trash talk? oh, if I could hear what they said. I mean, I could make ot a few words. "F*CK" and any variation of the word is pretty clear.
I think that "F*CK" might be Sid's favorite verb, Lisa-Marie. Just ask Bryan Murray...

Ladies, thanks for sharing your stories with us!!!

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