Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sid Vids - Uncut

Friend of The Show Alex M. sent me these links to videos of Sidney being interviewed by a KDKA TV reporter Bob Pompeani (who asks some of the dumbest questions, by the way). Notice the BRIGHT YELLOW CROCS Saint Sid is rocking at the beginning of this one! (I'd make fun of him, but I have a mint green pair that I wear almost daily, so it would be like the pot calling the kettle. Come on! I know they're hideous, but they're sooooo comfy! LOL)

Here's the first one. Topics range from missing out on "the college experience" to Malkin's English to how much Sidney eats to who has the best pick up line on the team. (← If you've watched the Pens for even just one season, you'll already know who that is.) The smack talk between Fleury and Crosby make this one a must see. Make sure you disable your screensaver: This video is almost 13 minutes long.

Here's the second one. It looks like it might be the original report that ran on the news from the footage obtained during the interview from the first video. (It's less than four minutes long.)

Here's the one where he talks about showing up at the Penguins' youth hockey school last month. He also addresses his broken foot - he hasn't skated on it very much. Hopefully, it will not be a problem this season...

Thanks for hooking us up with these videos, Alex!

At least he's not wearing pleated pants this time.

And finally, Friends Cassie C. and Alex (again) sent me links to this article on the Pens' website.
They participated in the 20th Annual Summer sticks Golf Classic at Longue Vue Club in Verona. Penguins General Manager Ray Shero and head coach Michel Therrien joined the Penguins and other participants on the golf course for the popular event. One Penguins celebrity golfer (player or coach) joined each threesome for the four-man scramble.

Check out the photo gallery and then (try to) check out the video. I couldn't get the video from that link to work, but I thought I should post it anyways. (It started really irritating me, so I quit trying.)

Special thanks for the assists, ladies! :)

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