Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tonight's Town Hall Meeting

I just finished watching the Penguins Season Ticket Holder Town Hall Meeting, which was held tonight at the Mellon Arena. The biggest news to come out of the meeting is the announcement that the NHL has promised more Ice Bowl Winter Classic tickets to the Penguins for sale after September 28. So there is still hope for anyone who missed out on tickets this Tuesday.

Ken Sawyer and Ray Shero gave updates on the new arena and progress at training camp, and outlined some goals for the upcoming season. Shero didn't sugar coat it: he wants that Cup.

Sidney was his usual aw shucks self as he was given a standing ovation and called "the best hockey player in the world." It continues to shock me how well adjusted and humble this guy is - especially since he's the best of the best. He must have great parents.

The highlight of the night (at least for me) was when Sidney was asked who his favorite player in the NHL is to watch when he has time. His immediate first answer was Daniel Briere, because he's "a little guy" but Sid also mentioned that Briere's move to Philadelphia was a "bad choice." (Cross-state rivalries are AWESOME.)

Then Sidney mentioned that he enjoys watching one Alexander Ovechkin play. The crowd erupted into a fierce storm of "BOO!!!!!!!!!!!" It was so loud that the Saint couldn't be heard over it, so he stopped talking to let the crowd vent. Sidney got a devilish grin, and then he started laughing.

Not that ready-for-my-closeup, trying-to-be-polite laugh he normally does when he's being interviewed, but a harty, real belly laugh like he did when he was on Jay Leno when Jay mentioned Cole Harbour and some audience members cheered. Seems to me like the rivalry between Sid and Alex may not be a rumor after all. ;)

I'm sure he's laughing WITH you, Alex not AT you.

Another moment worth mentioning, Ryan Whitney had Marc-Andre Fleury quote one of Jean Girard's lines from the movie Talladega Nights. Hearing Fleury say "Reecky Booby" in his thick French accent was quite hilarious!

And finally, if you have $55, you can join the Penguins for lunch!
Come celebrate the bright future of Pittsburgh Penguins hockey when the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual Penguins Face-Off Luncheon on Wednesday, October 3 at the Marriott City Center.

Join Penguins General Manager Ray Shero, Head Coach Michel Therrien and the entire Penguins team featuring Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Marc-Andre Fleury and Ryan Whitney for lunch.

Doors to the Marriott Grand Ballroom will open at 12:30 pm and the luncheon will begin at 1:00 pm.

Lunch with Sid for $55?! That seems like a bargain to me!

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