Monday, October 24, 2005

Crosby not Panicking

While many expected the Penguins to be shaky, did anyone expect them to be this bad? Really, Mario hasn't been super himself, but Sergei Gonchar is sucking in new and amazing ways. Oh, signing an old player with a bad back is always a risk. The fact that John LeClair is struggling is no surprise. It might help if the Penguins gave his ice time to the young and talented Tomas Surovy.

From Alan Robinson

Crosby said last month he felt lucky because most No. 1 draft picks play for losing-record clubs, while he landed on a talented, deep Pittsburgh Penguins team that rapidly rebuilt itself last summer. Most rookies, he said, don't play alongside a Mario Lemieux or Mark Recchi, a John LeClair or Sergei Gonchar or Ziggy Palffy.

Eight games and eight losses later, four in overtime, Crosby still thinks the Penguins are a good team - and, he insisted Monday, a potentially great team. What they don't have is a single victory to prove it in a league where every other team has won at least twice and all but two teams have at least three victories.

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