Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Andre Roy: Crosby's Whiny Defender

Good of Andre Roy to stick up for Sidney Crosby, even if it's just a whiny post-game tirade.

Not even a post-game shower could cool off Andre Roy. Angry at seeing Andrej Meszaros hit Sidney Crosby on or close to his left knee in a controversial third-period collision last night, the Penguins tough guy stood up from his seat at the bench and slammed his stick on the boards.

"That's five minutes for kneeing," he yelled at the officials.

For the shout-out, he was given a 10-minute misconduct and sent to the dressing room.

Before leaving Scotiabank Place, Roy had more to say about the incident. Plenty more.

"(Crosby's) allowed to get hit," he started, "but he is a franchise player. And you've got that ugly mutt skating across, going for his knee. They want a clean NHL ... and you wonder why you have incidents like Todd Bertuzzi.

"Meszaros should think twice. That can't happen."
No, incident's like Todd Bertuzzi happen because certain individuals can't control their emotions and just snap.

For his part, Crosby shrugged off the play.

"I don't know," the rookie sensation said when asked if the hit by the Senators defenceman was a deliberate attempt to injure him. "You have to ask him."
The look on Crosby's face after the hit was somewhat priceless. It was a mix of Sidney wanting to whine, cry, and scream out in pain. Sidney held back and just grimaced while holding all of that emotion inside.

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