Monday, July 10, 2006

Crosby a hit with Pittsburgh-area Collectors

An interesting little blurb from this article about a recent convention:

At the nearby MLB Clubhouse Store, fans were perusing and buying official gear of all shapes and sizes.

"It's been fantastic," store manager Ed Delgado said. "A lot of Jason Bay jerseys, and all caps are a huge seller."

Other Pittsburgh sports figures are popular with FanFest visitors. Mancini, at his 11th FanFest, said he has sold more Sidney Crosby photos than Pirates -- or Jerome Bettis and Ben Roethlisberger combined.

"I'm shocked," Mancini said. "I knew the Steelers were going to be popular, but I had no idea Crosby was so popular."

For a town that is known for loving football first and foremost, it is surprising and nice to see Crosby pulling some weight in the collector's minds. If the Pens are to stay in Pittsburgh, they'll need to start convincing the fans that the Steelers aren't the only game in town.

As an aside, it's also cool that the most popular baseball player in Pittsburgh, Jason Bay, is also Canadian ;)

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