Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Interview: Sidney discusses life, girls, etc...

Pittsburgh's Channel 4 recently had a sit-down chat with this blog's favourite hockey player. Michelle Wright got right down to it and asked some of the 'tough' questions

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Wright: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Crosby: "I'm single. It's pretty tough to meet girls and stuff like that. We don't get a lot of time away from the rink."
Tough to meet girls? Have the Penguins been sheltering him from the puckbunnies??

Wright: "When you're ready to look for a girlfriend, what are you going to look for?"

Crosby: "Probably somebody who's pretty independent. I mean, with the hockey schedule, you need somebody who's going to have to deal with what I deal with when I'm out in public and stuff like that. Pretty patient person."
Translation: "Somebody who doesn't suckle money off of me like a baby pig feeding from mama pig...oh, and a girl who will leave me alone enough to have a few affairs on the road. "

Wright: "Lots of people were interested in you or had a daughter they wanted you to meet. Do you get a lot of people wanting to fix you up?"

Crosby: "Yeah, that happens a lot. And you know, there's not too many ways you can take it. You don't want to say yes to everybody, but it really depends on the situation. I'm not too big on the blind dates or anything like that, but you never know."

Wright: "How easy is it for you to go out and hang out?"

Crosby: "It's fine. People are awesome here. They're supportive. They definitely recognize people when we're out, but by no means do they invade people's privacy."

There is often a rush of people requesting Sid the Kid's autograph, but Crosby said he has requested a few autographs for his own collection, too.

"I got (Steelers wide receiver) Hines Ward, and I was pretty happy with that," said Crosby. "It was right after the Super Bowl, and that was pretty interesting to me to get his autograph. And (Pirates outfielder) Jason Bay, a fellow Canadian who's doing great here."

If and when Sidney ever gets a girlfriend, the poor thing is gonna have to deal with a crapload of catty comments and paparazzi.

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