Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Musings From Mad Max Talbot (part 3)

The posts in part three presented a challenge to Alyse:
...the translation is a bit rough in some patches. I have inserted (?) behind words/sentences where I could not find a good translation for so some of it doesn't make the most sense... but it's close haha!
Believe me, Ali. The effort is appreciated even if a few things get lost in translation. :) In the final installment for this weekend, Max opines about Bob Gainey's proposal to limit shot blocking, the possibility of another team for Toronto, and the saga of Mats Sundin. Enjoy!

I do not agree with Bob Gainey

I did not know any of the ideas of Bob Gainey wanting to limit the ways for a player on defense, block a shot or intercept a pass me before we spoke today (?). I do not know can not be the case in depth, but if you want my first reaction, here it is: I think it's a completely stupid idea.

I wonder why the leaders of the League are always looking for ways to promote the offensive aspect of our sport. It seems they will not abandon this until the games do not end up 8-7. Is this really what the fans want? Does it really make the product more attractive? It is fine to seek ways to improve the show - it is very good - but I doubt that the idea of Gainey is a good solution.
I know some will say that I preach to my parish because the game is a little defensive my bread and my butter, but not only that.

Since I’ve played hockey, I was always taught that it was as good of a goal of flying to the opponent or to go slow. It makes me [feel] strange to see Gainey, a man who had a very successful career as a specialist in defensive play, tell me that this is no longer true.

Last year, when we met the New York Rangers in one series, I broke my foot blocking a shot. I missed the following three games, but I may have saved a goal for my team. If I were to [do it] again, I would not even hesitate.
Some people may support the proposal, saying worry about the health of players in wanting to reduce the risk of injury, but I do not think it would change much. Look at Braydon Coburn last season. He was right (?) as an oak tree when he received a shot deflected right in the face.

I also think of the referees. It seems to me that it would be difficult to establish a specific regulation to prevent slipping. Will we really punish all players who lay on the floor? In any case, I am perhaps not sufficiently informed on the subject, but it seems to me that officials already have enough to monitor.

Some want to abolish the battles, then we want to prevent players from blocking shots ... I wonder: when the ban on slapshots?

A goal which relieves

To return to our sheep, I was really relieved after scoring my first goal of the season Thursday against the Carolina Hurricanes. I know I'm not supposed to have ten at this time of the season, but still. Last season, I had four goals after five games and there, I look forward to unfreezing it.

As against, it is not only my goal to me is good (?). I was really happy with my game as a whole. I felt that I had been a complete player and had contributed in several ways to victory. Over the past week, the trio that I play with, Miroslav Satan and Tyler Kennedy, is on a Roll, like the rest of the team elsewhere. We won our last three matches and the timing is perfect to go on the road.

Our trip of four games begins Saturday in New York, where the Rangers will represent a test for us. Then, towards California and Arizona. Let's say I will not need my winter coat!

Two teams in Toronto: good idea

To return to the news of the National League, I know that Toronto newspapers this week have spoken of the possibility of having a distant second team in the Queen City eventually. Personally, I think it would be feasible.

Look at cities like Chicago or New York, for example, they support two teams of baseball without any difficulty. Well, you tell me that they are much more populous cities than Toronto and you're right. But I think people in Toronto are also big hockey fans just as the people of New York and Chicago love baseball.

I think the biggest winners if the idea was realized, would be lovers [of the sport]. In the bottom two teams in the same city is twice as likely to have tickets and it is also likely that these tickets were more affordable. I have several friends in Montreal who would like to see the Canadiens more often, but they are unable to find tickets. With a second team in the region, the problem would arise less.

This is sure if you ask me my opinion, I see 100 times better sending a team back to Quebec than to see a second in Toronto, obviously. Perhaps we should also give a chance to another market before thinking of adding a team in a city that already has a team.

I am against the strategy of Sundin, but ...

The season is a few weeks old and already the name of Mats Sundin has started to make headlines. If you want my opinion, I am against guys who decide to delay their return until the season has started.

I understand that Sundin is not getting younger and that in essence he has the right to do what he wants with his life. Nothing prevents him from doing what he does at this time. But I put myself in the shoes of a player who battled for his post since the start of training camp, who earns his place with the team and who gets screwed from the very first game of the season, everything to settle when a guy like Sundin decides that it is trying to play him. I think that it is simply not fair for everyone.

That said, a player is always happy to see his team improve and I am convinced that Pittsburgh would not oppose the arrival of Sundin with the Penguins. I know the guys in our locker room and I know that nobody would think to its small person (?) if management found a way to improve the club.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Friend Alyse for continuing to provide these translations for us!!! The Pens are going to face the Rangers in less than an hour.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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