Friday, May 01, 2009

GO PENS GO!!!!!!!!
The Round 2 TSCS "Pep Rally"

It's time to break out an oldie but goodie that will sum this entire post up in three words...

Is this actually from the Captain himself? Who knows? But I'd lay money on the fact that this is EXACTLY what he's thinking right now!

The matchup of Siddo & Geno v Semin & A-hOle™ certainly has the makings of one of those playoff rounds that we'll be talking about for years to come. After coming back with five unanswered goals to take out the Flyers in Game 6, the Boys will face a team that beat very big odds to comeback after being down in the series 1-3 to go on to win it in Game 7. The Flyers games were extremely contentious, and if you were looking for a break from the intensity, you won't be getting that in this series. Prepare for more. Maybe much more. But it's just one more team to knock out of our way on our QUEST FOR THE CUP!!!

In honor of the occasion, I've got two treats for you. First, here's a sweet wallpaper featuring highlights from Round 1 that good Friend of The Show Jaime made for us:

And second, I just ripped and edited an mp3 of Mike Lange's goal call for Siddo's empty netter from Game 6. Just in case you missed out, I also provided the link to the other mp3s I uploaded for Round 1. :)

[ Download Game 6 Goal Call ] | [ Download mp3 files from last Pep Rally ]

Tomorrow. 1:00pm. NBC. It begins.

FYI: If you don't live in Pittsburgh or Washington and the game goes into more than one overtime, make sure you switch to Versus because NBC has announced that they will end their broadcast because abusing racing ponies > hockey.





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