Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I shall call him..."Darryl"???

We (media, pundits, fans) have been trying to come up with a really good nickname for Sidney Crosby. Sid the Kid just doesn't have the same ring as Mr. Hockey, The Great One, or Super Mario.

but it sounds like Sid already has a nickname...DARRYL!

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
"Not too many guys know about it now, but when I was in junior, my first exhibition game I got eight points, and [Hall of Famer] Darryl Sittler got 10 in the NHL [in a game in 1976], so they just said 'Darryl' and it kind of stuck the last couple of years," Crosby said.

"That's how nicknames come, in funny ways like that."

Some of Crosby's teammates noticed "Darryl" on the cuff of his hockey gloves, a space often used for players' nicknames. Now a few of them refer to Crosby that way.

NO NO NO NO NO! This won't do, Sidney. We're gonna have to have a talk with your PR people.

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