Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sidney Crosby and the witness relocation program

Here is an interesting personal story from Susan Fish about her quest to get her son to meet Sidney Crosby thanks to a contest they won.

Sidney Crosby is on every hockey fan's radar right now. But because my son is an especially faithful fan, our neighbours had good reason to believe we were in the witness relocation program this summer.

It started at the end of our second day camping at a provincial park at the north end of Lake Huron. My husband, our three young children and I had hunted for million-year-old fossils and small toads; we had hiked woodland trails and waded into sandy bays. Then, as the sun was low in the clear blue sky, I sat under the cedar trees reading an L. M. Montgomery book aloud to our children while my husband built a campfire to roast marshmallows.

A park ranger strode onto our campsite and my heart sank, sure our kids had violated some noise regulation. They no doubt had, but this was not the reason for his visit.

He handed us a telephone message: my mother had called to tell us our eight-year-old son had won a contest and had the opportunity to skate in a hockey clinic with Sidney "the next Wayne Gretzky" Crosby and five other National Hockey League prospects.
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